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Huvepharma®, Inc. partners with Champion Animal Health on Fly Control

Peachtree City, GA (December 20, 2022): Huvepharma®, a global leader in animal health, has partnered with Brazilian firm Champion Animal Health to become the sole distributor of JustiFLY® Feedthrough products in the United States. JustiFLY® products contain diflubenzuron, an insect growth regulator that stops fly reproduction at the larval stage.

“The impact of flies creates a dramatic economic loss to the livestock industry each year. Forming this strategic relationship with Champion Animal Health, Huvepharma’s portfolio has gained another solution that addresses this prolific production challenge facing the industry,” Glen Wilkinson, President and CEO of Huvepharma® said of the recent partnership.

When consumed through feed or mineral supplements, diflubenzuron passes through the digestive tract of the animal and into feces resulting in the disruption of the fly larvae, thereby breaking the life cycle. JustiFLY® is approved to control horn, face, stable, and house flies in pasture cattle, confined cattle, dairy cattle, and veal calves. It can be used in an integrated pest management fly control program and is non-toxic.

Product Manager for Huvepharma, Cameron Tate, is enthusiastic about the agreement and the opportunities it presents for producers saying, “we are excited to announce the extended partnership between Huvepharma and Champion Animal Health and to continue our mission of bringing additional choices to the livestock industry.”

Huvepharma is pleased to offer the full range of JustiFLY® products and several different applications of diflubenzuron. JustiFLY® Feedthrough will be available as a Premix (0.67% or 3% diflubenzuron concentration), Liquid Feed, 360-gram Add Packs, and Salt Blocks. Fly control is a vital management tool for the cattle and dairy industries. By broadening the Huvepharma portfolio of animal health products with JustiFLY®, we broaden the options available to our customers. 

"The alliance between Huvepharma and Champion Animal Health is very exciting for the livestock industry. Champion, a leading innovator from Brazil backed by 70 years of experience in one of the largest livestock producing countries in the world, recently established operations in North America to offer the American livestock markets expanded diflubenzuron options as well as our technical expertise in the field of fly control. Aligning with a globally established company like Huvepharma, with a complete portfolio of high-quality products and solutions, provides the livestock industry with the confidence to equip their livestock operations.” said Andre Rocha, Champion’s President, “We are honored to be part of this alliance and certain that it will bring new advantages to North American livestock industry.”

Throughout the U.S., Huvepharma is focused on building partnerships with industry customers by offering high quality products and unparalleled customer service. For more information, please contact your Huvepharma sales representative and/or Huvepharma’s Customer Service team at 877-994-4883.