Shaping livestock solutions

With solutions for nutrition, disease prevention and disease treatment Huvepharma continues to deliver innovative products and management practices to the production animal health space. Check out our resources below to learn more.


Pharm to Farm: Learn about Huve...

Huvepharma, Inc. is working to provide new choices – and new possibilities – to the U.S. livestock sector.

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Battling against BRD with a uni...

To flip the switch on the damage done by BRD, prevention and vaccinations are key.

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Bringing a Bioequivalent Choice...

In July 2019, Huvepharma had the opportunity to bring the first bioequivalent monensin product (Monovet® 90 monensin Type A medicated article) t...

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Meet our Poultry Team of Experts

Meet the Huvepharma Poultry Professional Services Team

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CycleGuard® 500 receives medica...

Six Blue Bird combinations now available for feedlot settings with CycleGuard® 500

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Huvepharma® announces Optigrid®...

Blue Bird labels are now available for four combinations with the feed additive, Optigrid® 45

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Bulgarian Facilities

Huvepharma® has been focused on keeping its fermentation and manufacturing expertise on the cutting edge during its more than half-a-century exi...

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Huvepharma helps customers succeed

"I've never had much luck selling the dead ones; you get the same price: nothing!", says Brad Haun, Fredonia Livestock owner, Fredonia, Kansas.

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