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Huvepharma® Expands its Cattle and Swine Portfolio with VACASAN® (tulathromycin injection)

Huvepharma® is launching VACASAN® (tulathromycin injection) to expand its cattle and swine animal health solutions portfolio.

Monovet® 90 (monensin Type A medicated article) and Pennchlor® (chlortetracycline Type A medicated article)...

Huvepharma has received FDA approval for Monovet® 90 (monensin Type A medicated article) to be fed with Pennchlor® (chlortetracycline Type A medication article).

Huvepharma®, Inc. partners with Champion Animal Health on Fly Control

Huvepharma® partners with Brazilian firm Champion Animal Health to become the sole distributor of JustiFLY® Feedthrough products in the United States.

Huvepharma® Returns the only FDA-Approved Triple-Sulfa Medication to Market

Huvepharma®, Inc. is re-launching PoultrySulfa® (sulfamerazine, sulfamethazine and sulfaquinoxaline), bringing back the only FDA-approved triple-sulfa veterinary product available to the animal health market.

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