E. coli 6-phytase


Beat the Heat!

  • Category: Enzymes
  • Species: Poultry, Swine


Product Information

Still the fastest..... with secured stability

  • OptiPhos® Plus is the latest generation, most thermostable phytase on the market. OptiPhos® Plus has improved thermostability and retains all the favorable OptiPhos® properties intact.


OptiPhos® Plus is the latest generation phytase developed by Huvepharma® based on its know-how of enzyme technology. It was developed by screening phytase variant libraries based on OptiPhos® for improved thermal stability while keeping other favorable OptiPhos® properties. Huvepharma® results show that next to being the fastest phytase on the market, OptiPhos®Plus secures stability.

The advantages of A STABLE PHYTASE:

• Industry leading recovery during pelleting at temperatures exceeding 185°F (up to 205°F)

• Highest security of survival at fluctuating pelleting temperatures

• Longer shelf life as product, in premix and in feed

The advantages of A FAST PHYTASE:

• Highest savings of inorganic phosphate sources, so reducing feed cost

• A faster elimination of the anti-nutritional factor phytate, so demonstrating superdosing effects already at double dose


How to Use

OptiPhos® Plus is available in 3 different forms, each suitable for a specific application:

  • Granular form, used in mash and pelleted feeds up to 185°F (85 °C)
  • Coated form, used for pelleted feeds up to 205°F (95 °C)
  • Liquid form used for post pelleting liquid application processes