Autogenous Vaccines with ENABL®

Autogenous Vaccines with ENABL®

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  • Category: Vaccines
  • Species: Swine

Autogenous Vaccines with ENABL®

Product Information

When commercial vaccines fail to generate the intended immune response or aren't available for a specific pathogen, autogenous vaccines may be an answer. 

Huvepharma® currently offers the following autogenous vaccines with ENABL® technology for swine:

  • Porcine Reproductive and Respiratory Syndrome Virus (PRRSV) 
  • Influenza A Virus in Swine (IAV - S), formally (SIV)
  • Custom Bacterins


Specific to the Needs of Your Herd

  • Commercial vaccines may not be effective against localized serotypes or variants. There are also instances of disease where a commercial vaccine is not available, and may not be for some time. Veterinarians may order a herd-specific vaccine cultured using pathogens harvested from animals under their care, resulting in safe and effective protection.

Proactive Prevention

  • Bacterial resistance can make traditional antibiotic treatment programs less effective. Vaccines provide the option of preventing, rather than treating.
  • Most viral pathogens weaken the immune system and allow bacterial disease to overcome the pig’s natural defenses. The use of specific viral autogenous vaccines may help reduce the impact of both primary disease and secondary pathogens.

USDA Approved Processes and Facilities

  • Autogenous biologics are products that must be produced in USDA (APHIS/CVB)  licensed facilities, using processes that are in accordance with current USDA regulations. All Huvepharma® personnel, production facilities and practices are focused on providing the highest quality products.

ENABL® Patented Technology

  • Effective adjuvants are key to autogenous vaccine success. Huvepharma’s ENABL® adjuvant has a versatile aqueous base that utilizes a polymer coated with bi-laminar triglycerides for a higher loading capacity and superior performance.

Backed by Research

  • Want to see autogenous vaccines in action? Read about Huvepharma’s autogenous PRRS vaccine adjuvanted with ENABL® here and here.

Superior Customer Support

  • The development of a custom vaccine involves a complex set of procedures and timing is critical. Our commitment to customer support helps ensure a smooth and transparent development process. Huvepharma’s customer service, sales, and technical service representatives help get the process started and keep you informed about the status of the vaccine.