AMPROL® 25% Type A Medicated Article (amprolium)

AMPROL® 25% Type A Medicated Article (amprolium)

Coccidiosis prevention and treatment

  • Category: Anticoccidials
  • Species: Poultry
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AMPROL® 25% Type A Medicated Article (amprolium)

Product Information

Amprol® 25% (amprolium) Type A Medicated Article is an anticoccidial feed additive used to prevent, treat, and allow immunity of coccidiosis depending on the type of poultry. The most common coccidia in chickens include Eimeria acervulina, E. maxima, E. tenella, E. brunetti, E. praecox, E. mitis and E. necatrix. The most common coccidia in turkeys include E. meleagrimitis, E. adenoides, E. gallopovonis and E. meleagridis. In pheasants Amprol 25% can be used for prevention of E. colchici, E. duodenalis and E. phasianti.


AMPROL® 25% (amprolium)

  • Can be administered through the feed
  • Can be used safely in chickens and turkeys of all ages
  • Safe in poultry due to its therapeutic activity
  • Zero day withdrawal period
  • Minimum risk of residual substances for consumers


Amprol® 25% (amprolium) can be used through the life cycle of birds from day-old chicks to the day of slaughter and is intended for use in (1) preventing outbreaks of coccidiosis in growing chickens, turkeys and pheasants and (2) development of active immunity to coccidiosis in replacement chickens. Amprol® 25% is also intended for use in the prevention and treatment of coccidiosis in laying chickens.

Storage & Handling

Store at or below 25° C (77° F), excursions permitted to 40° C (104° F). Avoid prolonged exposure to high humidity. 

Active Ingredient or Composition


How to Use

Broiler Chickens

  • Prevention Program: Use 0.0125% amprolium Type C medicated feed continuously for most field conditions as they exist under modern management practices. Where severe coccidiosis conditions exists and where immunity is not required, use 0.025% amprolium Type C medicated feed. For field conditions where only E. tenella is the major program, use 0.008%-0.0125% amprolium Type C medicated feed. Increasing levels of amprolium may not prevent coccidiosis caused by strains of Eimeria commonly found to be resistant to amprolium.

Replacement Chickens

  • Prevention Program: Where immunity development is not desirable, use 0.0125%-0.025% amprolium Type C medicated feed continuously from day old until onsite of production.
  • Immunity Development Program: Use 0.004% – 0.0125% amprolium Type C medicated feed continuously until onset of production.

IMPORTANT SAFETY INFORMATION: AMPROL® 25% (amprolium) Type A Medicated Article: Not for human use. Do not use in feeds containing bentonite. Use as the sole source of amprolium. Do not change the litter while giving this feed unless absolutely necessary. If losses exceed 0.5% in a 2-day period, obtain an accurate diagnosis, and follow the instructions of your veterinarian or poultry pathologist.  Losses may result from intercurrent disease or other conditions affecting drug intake which can contribute to the virulence of coccidiosis under field conditions.  In replacement flocks the grower must expect that excessive exposure to one or more species may overwhelm the drug in some flocks and prompt treatment will be required.  Fertility, hatchability and other reproductive data are not available on amprolium in breeding pheasants.  To report adverse effects, access medical information, or obtain additional product information, call 1-877-994-4883. View product label here.