Production Planner

Production Planner




This position plans the production schedules for two (2) plants; St. Louis, MO and Van Buren, AR.


  • Bachelor’s degree preferred in a relevant field or corresponding work experience.
  • Prior (3-5) years of experience as a planner in a manufacturing environment and/or other purchasing and selling experience preferred.
  • In-depth knowledge of pharmaceutical regulations, GMP, and FDA guidelines.
  • Problem-solving abilities and an initiative-taking approach to process improvement.
  • Exceptional strategic thinking, decision-making, organizational, and communication skills.
  • Proven experience of successfully meeting deadlines.
  • Production support experience for the pharmaceutical, food or chemical industries preferred.
  • Knowledge should include scheduling, warehousing ingredients, packaging/labeling a finished product.


  • Analytical and statistics skills
  • Technical Writing
  • Ability to speak effectively before leadership groups and employees of the organization.
  • Must understand and have experience with enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems, and Lean tool to include pull systems, skilled with MS Excel, ability to assemble and analyze different data packages to build a current production schedule to meet the changing needs of the company.
  • Proven experience in a planner role.
  • Knowledge of Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and regulatory requirements.
  • Excellent communication skills.
  • Problem-solving abilities and an initiative-taking approach to process improvement.
  • Strong decision-making and collaboration
  • Background experience improving and managing capacity is a plus


  • Collaborative Planning: Facilitates collaboration between production and product manager/sales to align production schedules with forecasts.
  • COGNOs Planning Analysis: Utilizes analytics tools to analyze real-time market data, helping in accurate production planning which feeds active pharmaceutical ingredients (API) and raw material (RM) needs.
  • Inventory Management: Monitors inventory levels to ensure optimal stock levels for planned production, working closely with Purchasing to prevent excess or short stock situations for bulk raw materials. Reviewing insufficient stock situations of released material, communicating of such proactively to Product Managers, Quality Assurance, and Quality Control. Work closely with Purchasing on the Finished Good Inventory Forecast and any changes made to the forecast.
  • Risk Management: Identifies potential risks in the supply chain, such as disruptions or delays, and develops contingency plans to mitigate these risks, communicates these proactively with Product Management.
  • Adaptable Production Schedules: Adjusts production schedules dynamically based on changes in demand, market conditions, or unexpected events, ensuring agility in response to market fluctuations.
  • Communication: Maintains open communication channels between production, logistics, and product management teams to relay critical information and updates. Chair or be an active member of the Supply and Operations (S&OP) meetings.

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