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Huvepharma® Returns the only FDA-Approved Triple-Sulfa Medication to Market

Peachtree City, GA (October 25th, 2022) – Huvepharma®, Inc. is re-launching PoultrySulfa® (sulfamerazine, sulfamethazine and sulfaquinoxaline), the only FDA-approved triple-sulfa veterinary product available to the animal health market. PoultrySulfa® is a water-soluble antibiotic powder that can be used as an aid in the control of coccidiosis and acute fowl cholera in chickens and turkeys when caused by pathogens susceptible to sulfamerazine, sulfamethazine, and sulfaquinoxaline.

“PoultrySulfa® gives the US Poultry Industry a safe and dependable FDA approved tool for managing outbreaks of two very costly diseases,” says Dr. Steven Clark, veterinary services manager for Huvepharma. Containing a unique combination of three active ingredients, PoultrySulfa® is potent, while providing a wider margin of safety compared to traditional single-sulfa products. In addition to its therapeutic properties, PoultrySulfa’s water-soluble presentation allows for efficient delivery via the animals’ drinking water. Simple and accurate dosing has also been taken into consideration; PoultrySulfa® comes in pre-measured, individually sealed packets.

“Re-launching PoultrySulfa® further demonstrates Huvepharma’s commitment to the chicken and turkey industry,” says Dustin Toliver, Product Manager and National Account Manager for Huvepharma, “We are dedicated to providing the needed management tools and resources to our poultry producing customers.”

IMPORTANT SAFETY INFORMATION: PoultrySulfa® (sulfamerazine, sulfamethazine and sulfaquinoxaline): Not for Human Use. Keep out of the reach of children. For oral use in chickens and turkeys only. Do not treat chickens or turkeys within 14 days of slaughter. Do not medicate chickens or turkeys producing eggs for human consumption. Federal law prohibits the extra label use of this product in lactating dairy cattle. May cause toxic reactions unless drug is evenly mixed in water at dosages indicated and used according to label directions. To report adverse effects, access medical information, or obtain additional product information, call 1-877-994-4883. View product label here.

Throughout the U.S., Huvepharma is focused on building partnerships with industry customers by offering high quality products and unparalleled customer service. For more information, please contact your Huvepharma sales representative and/or Huvepharmas Customer Service team at 877-994-4883 or visit www.huvepharma.us.