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Huvepharma®, Inc. Coccidiosis Vaccine for Turkeys Receives Conditional Licensing

Peachtree City, GA (4/16/2024): The United States Dept. of Agriculture’s Center for Veterinary Biologics has granted Huvepharma® a conditional license for the manufacturing and sale of a new turkey coccidiosis vaccine.

Coccidiosis is a prolific and costly intestinal disease that can be found in all production animal species. In turkeys, coccidiosis compromises health and can make the birds more susceptible to other infectious agents. Coccidiosis has a significant economic impact on the turkey industry in terms of low production efficiency, poor weight gain, increased therapeutic costs, and bird mortality.

Dr. Steven Clark, Turkey Technical Services Manager at Huvepharma® and industry veteran expressed his support for the product saying, “Turkey coccidiosis continues to be a top concern of the industry. Huvepharma® is excited to produce another tool for controlling coccidiosis in turkeys. Huvepharma’s coccidiosis vaccine is the only USDA-approved and marketed vaccine with three Eimeria strains. Producers can rely on Huvepharma’s expertise, developed over decades by offering a complete portfolio of animal health products to the poultry industry.”

Huvepharma® is proud to continue bringing solutions to the industry that help producers proactively and economically address disease. Unlike others on the market, the Huvepharma® turkey coccidiosis vaccine contains the live oocysts of three Eimeria species: E. adenoeides, E. meleagrimitis, and E. gallopavonis. This allows for vaccination against all three highly pathogenic Eimeria species found in turkeys.

“This approval underscores our dedication to addressing the challenges coccidiosis creates for our customers and demonstrates our relentless focus on providing innovative and effective solutions,” said Daniel Lackey, Director of Product Management and Marketing.  “At Huvepharma®, we remain focused on providing products that address the issues our customers face in the production animal health industry.”


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