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Huvepharma®, Inc. and NexGen Innovations Partner to Improve Animal Health and Food Safety 

Peachtree City, GA (2/2/2024): Huvepharma, a global leader in animal health, has partnered with NexGen Innovations, a pioneering food safety technology company, to become the sole marketing and sales agent for Probicon probiotics. This novel strain of beneficial lactic acid bacteria developed by researchers at Texas Tech University.

By incorporating multidimensional goals into Probicon’s development, NexGen has created a product that helps the industry to produce wholesome and economically viable beef.

Drew Weir, VP of Commercial Operations, expressed his enthusiasm for the partnership by saying, “We are excited to work with innovative solutions, like Probicon, that overcome age-old problems that we face as an industry. Partnering with NexGen and broadening our portfolio gives us the opportunity to bring value across production animal supply chains.”

“NexGen is happy to be partnering with Huvepharma, which will increase our reach and customer service resources. We are looking forward to taking advantage of the opportunities this relationship will create” Jeff Wilkerson, Business Development Manager for NexGen.

Huvepharma is pleased to be offering Probicon 50 and forging relationships with groups like NexGen Innovations to strengthen our legacy of bringing choices and solutions to the U.S. livestock industry.



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