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Monovet® 90 (monensin Type A medicated article) additional approvals

Global animal health company Huvepharma®, after receiving FDA approval in July 2019 for Monovet® 90, the first-available generic monensin in the United States, continues to expand the list of approved feed combinations with which Monovet can be fed.  Following the company’s initial FDA combination approvals for use with Monovet 90 that were announced in mid-September, the FDA on October 11, 2019 has approved additional...

Huvepharma® announces Monovet® medicated feed combination approvals

The first FDA-approved generic monensin – available to U.S. beef, dairy, and goat producers as Monovet®90 from global animal health company Huvepharma®  – has now also received FDA approval for combination use with other drug feed additive products in the manufacture of Type B and C medicated feeds.

Huvepharma® announces a new Moraxella bovoculi vaccine

October 1, 2018 (Peachtree City, GA) – Huvepharma®, a fast-growing global pharmaceutical company focused on developing, manufacturing, and marketing human and animal health products, announces the release of a conditional licensed vaccine for the prevention of pinkeye caused by Moraxella bovoculi in cattle.

Enhance cattle feed efficiency

Got freshly weaned calves and stockers? Boost feed efficiency and available energy by including this proven feed additive.

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