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Directions For Use

VetCap handling suggestions

  • Keep AiM-L™ VetCaps in original packaging until immediately before use.
  • Prior to use, open AiM-A Abamectin™ VetCaps foil pack to expose to warm humid air for at least 30 minutes.
  • AiM-A Abamectin VetCaps are a little more fragile than AiM-L VetCaps, handle with care.


Apply a VetCap to the upper two-thirds side of the animal's body, anywhere between the front shoulders and six inches ahead of the base of the tail.

  • Use AiM-L and/or AiM-A Abamectin VetCaps exclusively with a VetGun™ and in accordance with use directions and treatment method recommendations.
  • Apply when the animal is between 15 and 30 feet distance from the user.
  • Do not apply treatment when bystanders are within 30 feet of the animal.
  • Do not apply to any animals in or within 10 feet of bodies of water. AIM-L and Aim-A VetCaps are designed for use only with the VetGun that carries the VetCap-registered label. Using any other application device or method could be unsafe, ineffective and/or cause harm or injury.

There is no slaughter withdrawl on AiM-L VetCaps. 

There is a 42 day slaughter withdrawl on AiM-A Abamectin VetCaps.

How Often

AiM-L VetCaps can be used on beef cattle of all ages provided they are greater than 600 lbs. Treatment for flies can be repeated as needed but not more than once every two weeks, and not more often than four times within any six-month period. For optimal lice control, an initial application followed by a second treatment two weeks later is recommended. AiM-L VetCaps do not control cattle grubs. It is recommended that AiM-A be applied at least once in the season to help break the cycle of horn fly resistance. 

In an independent field trial, AiM-A VetCaps were applied to test cattle with significant horn fly burdens. AiM-A provided knock down and control of horn flies and remained 95% effective in control of flies through four weeks.1

Refer to the product labels for complete use recommendations and withdrawal periods.
1Efficacy trial conducted in Central Texas, July-Aug, 2015

NOTE: The VetCap coating is a soft gel and is sensitive to ambient humidity. Remove the AiM-L VetCaps from container only when ready to apply to the animals and keep container lid closed at all other times.

Take time to read all labels and inserts before using products.

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