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Easy Horn Fly Control that Pays!

Freezing temperatures kill most of the horn fly population, including those resistant to pyrethroids, and that helps “reset” the amount of resistance seen this time of the year.  Unfortunately, a mild winter can sustain the same resistant fly population from one year to the next. 

Our best tool to reduce the build-up of resistance in a horn fly population is to rotate chemical classes.  Just changing brands is not effective; you need to rotate to a different chemical class to change the mode of action.

AiM-A Abamectin VetCaps are now available to add into your VetGun treatment program for horn fly control. AiM-A Abamectin is an avermectin insecticide in the macrocyclic lactone class of compounds with a mode of action completely different than AiM-L Llambda cyhalothrin VetCaps. Since AiM-L and AiM-A work differently, horn fly treatments with (green) AiM-A VetCaps can be rotated with (orange) AiM-L VetCaps (pyrethroid) for an effective resistance management program.

If you are not having a problem with resistance, an orange / green / orange rotation during the horn fly season will help prevent build-up of resistant horn flies in the population.  If there is a resistance problem, start with (green) AiM-A then rotate back to (orange) AiM-L.

  “A recent study by Oklahoma State University showed the advantage of fly control utilizing the VetGun platform vs. the negative control was 34.4 lbs. additional gain at weaning.”

Vet Gun Rotation Chart Final
Vet Gun Rotation Chart Legend Key Only

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