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T-HEXX and Dragonhyde Hygiene Products

Product Information

T-HEXX Dry and T-HEXX Dry Naturel External Teat Sealants

Film forming barrier designed to block outside environmental influences from entering the teat canal during the dry and pre-calving period. For use during the dry period and two weeks pre-calving period of the dairy cow.* For the prevention of mastitis infections caused by bacterial migration into the teat canal. The dairy cow is most susceptible to a mastitis infection two weeks prior to calving due to her milk coming in.


  • Proven ability to block out organisms
  • Patented coating
  • Highly visible blue color
  • Uniform barrier
  • Excellent adhesion qualities
  • Water resistant
  • Economical
  • Easy to use
  • Available as a 32 oz (quart) bottle

Studies show that the barrier capacity and antimicrobial power of the T-HEXX Dry External Teat Sealant has the ability to not only block out organisms as small as mycoplasma, but also inhibit common mastitis causing organisms such as S. aureus and S. agalactiae.

The patented formulation allows the coating to tightly cling to bumps and crevices on the outside of the teat and securely plugs the teat opening. It is insoluble in milk so it seals against leaking teats caused by a split end or during pre-calving.

For more detailed information on T-HEXX Dry Naturel External Teat Sealant, click here. 

For more detailed information on T-HEXX Dry External Teat Sealant, click here

T-HEXX Dragonhyde Hoof Bath Powder Concentrate

T-HEXX Dragonhyde Dust provides long lasting hoof hygiene, and is simple to use. Dragonhyde Dust is packaged in a pre-measured pouch and dissolves within seconds when tossed into a water bath. Bath color and hoof color lets you know when it’s time to change the bath. Dragonhyde Dust is the only hoof bath currently on the market that lets you know when it is time to change the bath – simply by its color. If the bath and hoof is not deep blue, the bath is no longer effective and must be changed. Environmentally friendly with no heavy metals such as copper sulfate or zinc sulfate. It is also free of harsh chemicals such as formaldehyde and glutaraldehyde. Unlike other hoof bath products, Dragonhyde Dust, when mixed with water degrades after the bath is discarded.

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T-HEXX Dragonhyde Hoof Putty

T-HEXX Dragonhyde Putty is a topical paste used for creating hygienic hoof conditions on individual animals. Best used during foot examination and trimming. This unique formula has excellent adhesion properties and can be used without hoof wraps. It is great for packing into hoof cracks or for use on other hoof issues. Application helps to dry out the hoof while providing a gentle, non-irritating adhesion to the affected layers.

Step #1 - Clean hoof thoroughly using a brush and sanitizer. Completely remove any debris. Scrape open the affected area until bleeding occurs.
Step #2 - Dry the hoof.
Step #3 - Apply T-HEXX Dragonhyde Putty generously to the area of the hoof that needs attention. Use a brush, wooden tongue depressor or wear a glove and apply by hand.
Step #4 (optional) - Apply wrapping if severity or environment requires.

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