T-HEXX Dry External Teat Sealant


Product Information

T-HEXX DRY EXTERNAL TEAT SEALANT is designed for use during the dry and pre-calving period of the dairy cow. Aids in the prevention of mastitis infections caused by bacterial migration into the teat canal. T-HEXX Dry contains triclosan as its active ingredient whereas the T-HEXX Naturel product is triclosan free. Both T-HEXX Dry products create a film forming barrier designed to block outside environmental influences from entering the teat canal during the dry and pre-calving period. Recommended to be used at dry off and again two weeks prior to calving. Suggest application at least 3-5 days prior to calving for maximum results.


FILM-FORMING BARRIER  - Excellent film-forming barrier ensures the teat remains closed and sealed as long as the barrier is in tact.

UNIFORM BARRIER  - Insures the teat is protected from bacteria migration by assisting the natural keratin plug to protect the quarter. The coating dries and securely plugs the teat opening.

EXCELLENT ADHESION QUALITIES  - Provides adherence to the teat for up to seven days depending on the bedding and environment.

ECONOMICAL  - Low drip means less waste on the parlor floor.

LONGEVITY ON THE TEAT  - Depending on the bedding and environment, the barrier will stay in place for up to seven days.

EASY TO SEE BLUE COLOR  - As long as the product is visually covering the teat opening, it is still effective.

WATER RESISTANT  - Will not run off when exposed to urine, manure, rain, or other environmental conditions.

Packaging: 32 oz bottle

Active Ingredient or Composition

Triclosan 0.1%

Dosage and Administration

Directions For Use Use in a well ventilated are. Do not pour unused product back into original container. Keep container tightly closed when not in use. Apply with a disposable 3oz. paper cup.

At Dry Off - 
At last milking prior to dry off, milk out cow completely. Infuse dry cow antibiotic into clean, dry teat according to label instructions.
Dip entire length of teat into T-HEXX DRY Teat Sealant. For maximum protection, a second application may be applied after the first
coating is dry.

10 Days Prior To Calving - 
Clean teat thoroughly and wipe with dry towel. Dip entire length of teat into T-HEXX DRY Teat Sealant. Dip should remain on teat 3 - 7 days. Observe daily and re-dip if sealant is removed prior to calving. After calving, peel off any remaining teat sealant prior to milking.