Increases the digestibility of phytin-bound phosphorus in rations.


Product Information

OptiPhos is an E. coli 6-phytase produced by the yeast Pichia pastoris, via submerged fermentation. The pH optimum of OptiPhos lies between 2 and 5.5, which is quite wide and in the acidic range. This is very important as phytic acid dissolves under acidic conditions. For a phytase to do its job, it is necessary that phytic acid is in solution. OptiPhos is naturally resistant to pepsin. This is very important as, in vivo, pepsin is present in the stomach and can break down phytase. If this happens the phytase actiivty is lost. OptiPhos is capable of releasing more phosphorous than other phytases in the market when added in higher doses. 

OptiPhos increases the digestibility of phytic-bound phosphorus in poultry and swine rations. OptiPhos will allow producers to reduce the amount of inorganic phosphorus in the diet, in addition to significantly reducing phosphorus levels in manure. 

See label for complete product information, directions, and cautions. 

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