T-HEXX Dragonhyde Putty

T-HEXX Dragonhyde Putty

Product Information

T-HEXX® Dragonhyde Putty is a topical paste that is used for creating hygienic hoof conditions on individual animals. Best used during foot examination and trimming. This unique formula has excellent adhesion properties. It is great for packing into hoof cracks or for use on other hoof issues.


 - Adheres to the hoof without wraps depending on environment and severity

 - Solution for use on species with hoof hygiene issues

 - Visible results within days of application

 - Helps stop bleeding in under 10 seconds

Packaging: 400 g jar

Dosage and Administration

How to use: Clean the hoof completely, remove any manure, dirt or other organic material. Use a disposable wooden applicator to apply T-HEXX Dragonhyde Putty generously to the area of the hoof that needs attention. Then apply wrapping tape if needed. Discard wooden applicator after each animal.