T-HEXX Dragonhyde® Dust Dissolvable Hoof Bath Powder

Hoof health made easy

T-HEXX Dragonhyde® Dust

Product Information

T-HEXX® Dragonhyde® Dust is an innovative new concept in hoof care products that provides long lasting hoof hygiene and is so simple to use. 

Dragonhyde Dust is packaged in a pre-measured pouch. It dissolves within seconds when tossed into a water bath.

Hoof health made easier

Simply add the appropriate number of pre-measured pouches into a bath filled with 50 gallons of water. The pouch dissolves quickly. Example use 1 bag per 50 gal bath for 2% solution.

Bath color and hoof color lets you know when it’s time to change the bath. Dragonhyde Dust is the only hoof bath currently on the market that lets you know when it is time to change the bath – simply by its color. If the bath and hoof is not deep blue, the bath is no longer effective and must be changed. 


- Saves you money on shipping costs. Each pouch weights approximately one pound and under regular maintenance 3x/week, use will last for up to 250 cows. This means that a 500 head dairy will use 24 pouches per month, equal to 24 pounds. Comparing a liquid for the same usage would equal 192 pounds. Also, it can be shipped via mail, vs common carrier. 

 - No disposal of used drums or containers. Since the Dragonhyde Dust pouch dissolves in the hoof bath with the Dragonhyde Dust product, there is no large packaging or containers to dispose.

 - Environmentally friendly - Dragonhyde Dust contains no heavy metals such as copper sulfate or zinc sulfate. It’s also free of harsh chemicals such as formaldehyde and glutaraldehyde. Unlike other hoof bath products, Dragonhyde Dust, when mixed with water degrades after the bath is discarded and does not interfere with the operation of the digester. 

 - Safe to use - Dragonhyde Dust is safe when used as directed. • Contains no antibiotics. You no longer have to worry about your help putting too much or too little.

 - Easy to use

Dosage and Administration

Directions for use: Read and follow these directions carefully. Most importantly, DO NOT OPEN THE POUCH! The Dragonhyde Dust is contained in a pre-measured water soluble pouch and will totally dissolve in the bath with minimal mixing.

Use 3 times per week, after milking.

Pre-Bath: Add one (1) pouch of Dragonhyde Dust to 50 gallons of water and mix until the bath is a uniform blue color.

Main Bath: Initial use (approximately the first two weeks), add two (2) pouches of Dragonhyde Dust to 50 gallons of water and mix until the bath is a uniform blue color. After the initial use, decrease the amount of Dragonhyde Dust to one (1) pouch to 50 gallons of water and mix until the bath is a uniform blue color.

For best results, a pre-bath is recommended.

Step 1: First calculate your hoof bath size. (inside length (inches) x inside width (inches) x fluid height (inches) ÷ 231 = hoof bath in gallons)

Step 2: See below* to determine how much product you need.

Step 3: Measure the correct amount of product using a container that can hold a least 1 gallon of liquid.

Step 4: Pour concentrate into water filled hoof bath.

*Main Bath: Initial use (first 2 weeks) 4% T-HEXX Dragonhyde HBC plus 96% water. (All calculations are based on herd averages. The product may need to be run at double the concentration for longer than 2 weeks depending on the over all hoof hygiene program and the management at the dairy.) Main Bath: After initial use 2 weeks of use, decrease the amount used to 2% T-HEXX Dragonhyde HBC plus 98% water.

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